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If you're an existing customer, please provide us with your Straight Talk MEID DEC / Serial Number and your Straight Talk Cell Phone Number when contacting. Chat live with a customer service representative. Get the most out of your phone. Check Balance / Service End Date: Want to view your available minutes, text messages and/or multimedia messages, data usage, or Service days?

That was mid-March 2017. The Straight Talk service advertises it is unlimited. The contact number can be found on the official webpage in “Contact us” section. The hotspot consumed data almost 9 times faster.

  • Straight Talk July 27, 2017 Sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced with this service.
  • I asked her if she could give me any more information about my data usage pattern other than that number, 5.
  • One lady even was sassy on the phone with me from the call center.
  • Ly/16DrgbW, or you can call our customer care at 1-877-430-2355.
  • I enter forgot my password and enter my email and never get a email.

Calling Google, then calling LG, then calling them back 30 or more times. CaseId=new, or you can call our customer care at 1-877-430-2355 so we can look further into your account. Com makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information herein provided and assumes no liability for any damages or loss arising from the use thereof. Customer service is based out of country I believe. DO NOT USE STRAIGHT TALK!

They have the worse customer service I have ever dealt with. They said I had violated their contract. This is never works for me. This time the person said I had used up all my data of the 4GB that I put on my account on 03/27/17, I told them I had not even hardly used the device & it never updated on the device. To reactivate, activate or transfer your phone number to a new phone, please press 1. Tried to reset my password, almost a month later I'm waiting on the link to do that.

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Using online menus, I added a very complex encryption password immediately. When I finally got an email back from TracFone, they told me that my sales receipt didn't match my phone and that it was Walmart's problem and to take it back to the store. When I tried to create another account and set up my security questions, it told me that they was wrong. Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?

I am nearing 70, have hearing impairment and am technically challenged. I bought an unlocked iPad to bring to Straight Talk. I bought the Straight Talk hotspot Friday night and had to get help Saturday because it was not working every day since I've had to call because it says internet service not working. I bought there a Samsung Galaxy 5 from Walmart.

If you never surf the internet, and never receive or send emails, this would be a great device. If you’re interested in being part of a team that dreams large, talks straight, and helps millions of customers every year build their financial future, then we. In case you don’t have an account on, a written inquiry sent per post would be the only right solution for you.

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Straight Talk March 21, 2017 Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with the app. Straight Talk has always advertised unlimited data even currently as of the last week in May 2017 witnessed commercial being run 6 times (that's only the ones I personally saw). Straight Talk is great with the cost but in all other areas it is extremely lacking. THANK YOU WALMART for saving the day! That eats up data as well and you do not even know it is happening until your data is gone.

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You can only talk to a rep on the phone when you have a problem and they are very hard to understand.

Bought a $50 card and it last a week with very little use only Facebook about 30 mins.

Don't understand why mine could not be fixed since it was a problem with the app. Drive straight truck on Company premises and back into dock. Failure to provide satisfactory performance, Nonperformance, not only Straight Talk; every wireless service defrauding customers which ever service you subscribe to now acceptable; status quo so rampant in this customer captive industry. For an easy exchange phone protection program, press 3. For further assistance, You can chat with us at //bit.

They apologized and said they would credit me the three days my phone did not work. They are rude and talk down to you and their accents are so strong you can barely understand them. They cannot understand what you are asking them to do nor can you understand them most of the time, which creates a very frustrating experience and causes repeated multiple phone calls before anything is accomplished. They have been shutting my data off when high speed data runs out.

Last time I tried customer service I got someone in a very distant country that had no idea what he was talking about. Live in rural area, only dish works here, dish charges &450. Long hold patterns, yet you can her them actually talking to people in the background about someone's birthday. Ly/16DrgbW, or you can call our customer care at 1-877-430-2355.

Make sure all labels are as straight as possible when applying to cases. Make sure to open the rear cover, and jot down the SSID, the web GUI address, and password. Maybe I did go over the data, and Android's data usage graphic really is off by over 30% (doubtful). Most of the setup is intuitive. My intention was to port a number from my phone because it didn't work in my home.

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Once it's the Philippines, next a country in South America. Once my son's prepaid minutes are used, we will cancel service and NEVER use Straight Talk again. Only not uninstalling it on the off chance it decides to start working so I can update my account. Open your browser, and go to the web address you wrote down earlier.

By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments and.

The line we use is simply to pray for our nation. The man said his name was Joshua. The managers are horrible! The person said "nope our system shows you used it. The service we use along with millions of Americans is FreeConferencing.

I called and explained the circumstances to a Straight Talk supervisor and asked for one month of service free $30 based on being a customer for as long as I have and the errors that occurred that took time to resolve. I called customer service to help and they had me do a hard reset to factory, which did nothing because it would not let me get past the sign in screen for my Gmail account. I don't believe you're honoring your upgrade.

For further assistance, you can also chat with us @//bit. For further assistance, you can also chat with us @//bit. For week of service is not a good deal. He kept asking me to skip when I couldn't. Hopefully the glitch in the app has also been corrected also. Hours and 7 representatives later NO ONE can find my order or conveniently my payment info to refund my money.

I have not changed company because I can't find a plan with another company to fit my budget or my situation. I have them recorded telling us what we should do and then denying on the next phone call. I hung up and took it back to Walmart again. I need that online feature so I can know how fast I am consuming my data allocation -- so I can know when I am nearing the end of my data allocation.

See the for more information. She knew absolutely nothing of how to help me, a total joke! So I hung up and called back. Something went wrong, mind trying again? Something went wrong, mind trying again? Still didn't work (maybe towers are down everywhere? Straight Talk January 3, 2017 Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with the APP.

I have always used Verizon phones on the BYOP plan. I have been a customer of Straight Talk phones for almost seven years until recently I decided to go to AT&T because I started to experience a lot of drop calls and it started to become more of a problem. I have no choice but to switch companies.

Alternatively, you may call us at 1-866-773-0221.App is ok but, the customer service and reliability is horrible.
  • " Once the payment had been sent, she disconnected from the chat and made up an intentionally intimidating excuse.
  • Activation was easy and it took 5 minutes.

I am counting on the Straight Talk web programmers to get the ongoing-usage web display to work sometime in the near future, as I was told by the service representative. I am deleting this useless app and straight talk is losing a customer because of it. I am from overseas on my biz trip stay in the US 20days in a month.

Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. Practically useless, since most of the features require a user account. Salary plus spiffs and bonuses, straight commission, or a combination of both. Secretly turnes off your wifi to use more data.

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But I guess they don't want to talk to or deal with anyone that is smarter than they are.But the last 2 months its stopped showing how much data I have and sucks the data dry when I'm not even online.

I purchased this TracFone hotspot last Thursday evening and by Sunday morning I had already run through 5. I purchased this product because I needed a secure unit. I recommend Verizon wireless they are much better than straight talk for service.

The third person that I encountered was dialed on a different number. The written inquiries sent per post can be handled 24/7. Then to get some further answers I asked to talk to a technition. There is no need to broadcast the WIFI signal from this device throughout the whole house or to the whole neighborhood.

No movies, no youtube, no videos except those that pop up on the news sites and I then X them off in a few seconds. Now today when I went to message a friend back my keyboard would pop up then drop back down. Obviously nobody in that company gets paid to fix basic problems, and I will never buy a Straight Talk product again. Once again I tried to online chat and after dragging me along, they said the only way I can redeem my points is online and I don't have the option to do so.

I even tried that knowing that they wouldn't be able to help me because I haven't leased my phone nor do I have the insurance. I got my friends & family on Straight Talk. I got no bars in RI, yet full coverage in Ma. I had to purchase a 2nd new Straight Talk phone and service, the following Wednesday (2 weeks) and again get it activated. I hadn't even programed the answers yet so how could they be wrong? I hate this app it keeps turning on my wifi and killing my battery.

In this page, we’ll show you how to contact the Straight Talk customer service using StraightTalk customer service numbers, live chat, email and more. It offers various popular plans such as 30$/month limited plan, 45$/month unlimited plan an more. It will take up to 10 business days to process dispute to get my money back so after 2 months of scraping I have NO GIFT for my husband and NO MONEY to get him something else.

Bought many Straight Talk phones for others as well.

I thought the issue was fixed, it was a problem on their end. I totally do not get their so called "policy. I used too much of my limited data to realize there were NO benefits only using up my paid for data (what a hustle). I was told and on screen the phone I was looking at was a little over $21. If there is a problem with the phone or new sim card, they cannot overnight; instead you have to wait two business days.

I should have received a text, email or some kind of notice before my phone was turned off so that could have been prevented. I started new service with Straight Talk. I stayed on the phone for 45mins. I switched carriers and was told that I could not use my Straight Talk phone with another carrier. I then proceeded to ask for one billing month's worth of credit for the time, frustration, defective phone, lack of compromise and poor service.

My service end date is 28th and supposedly I am out of data. Nd shift position* GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF POSITION The DC Associate must be able to perform the job duties listed below in any of the required DC. Need to transfer your phone number to a more friendly service? Never again, I still have people who don't know how to contact me. No matter how many sites I visited or how much data I used it always lasted me 30 days.

  1. After many, countless hrs with tech support & service, it would work for a few hours and then cell started malfunctioning.
  2. After that I just simply stopped trying and I will no longer get Straight Talk.
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