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Each account is allowed to dial up to 15 unique international telephone numbers during a 30-day plan cycle, which resets each time a. Chat live with a customer service representative. Get the most out of your phone. Each account is allowed to dial up to 15 unique international telephone numbers during a 30-day plan cycle, which resets each time a. Chat with Straight Talk, see advice from other customers how to live message.

I've never really had much problem until I changed my phone number. If I could get MY MONEY BACK, I would. If there is a problem with the phone or new sim card, they cannot overnight; instead you have to wait two business days. If you put a service card on the phone it takes a day away from you to get on the internet.

On phone service, and my phone is still deactivated. Phone from Straight Talk) to replace my $245. Plan options: Straight Talk offers several plans from which customers can choose.

For further assistance, please email us at ST. He has an iPhone 3 and I have a 4. He has to ride the city bus to school, and I did not want him without a phone for 14-20 days, and I found this unacceptable. He informed me it was strange, "Everyone gets 4-5 bars on our wifi.

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Ly/16DrgbW, or you can call our customer care at 1-877-430-2355. Me and my son both use Straight Talk. My phone still says I'm only at 7. Neither side knew anything about the other, and I never got the service I paid for. Not the case with Straight Talk. Ok so what are you going to do?

The first few months were great compared to Boost which was just awful for me. The lady wasn't really very nice, which I'm sure you know since you record your calls, but she activated the phone and I asked to be pro rated for the several weeks that he wasn't able to use his phone. Then they said they would also give me a brand new phone number. They apologized and offered to send me a micro.

All after latest update.

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Ask them about the free month after I bought it. At first I told her I was mad at situation and how this could have occurred yet after some to her service I thought if call monitored she did miss out on some important points of good customer service. At this point I am super upset, since this was not explained in the terms and conditions. Because this isn't included in their scripted material, they don't even understand what I'm asking for.

I had purchased the warranty and got a new and different phone in about a week of no phone which did not make me happy. I have suggested to their tech support team, more than once, that I should not have to pay for service that I'm not able to use as advertised by their company and at the very least that could credit my account, for the amount I have paid them for the past three months of service, have not received.

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Straight talk is no help at all unlocking phone. Straight talk now offers a 4g lte phone on verizons network. Sure wish it run like it use to now they say 8gb when 4gb want pick up. That game was always in bottom of list with any other phone carrier I had. The Walmart employee called Straighttalk and requested that my ATT number be ported to the new phone. The company has offered no-contract wireless phones since 2009.

After waiting a week and a half I called Straight Talk and then was told that my phone had not been shipped and would be shipped immediately.

Poor service, phone currently hacked can't release. She did not see notes and said had limited access thus was this customer service. She speaks slightly better English than Baljeet.

I asked if they were in the US, and after a bunch of words that I didn't understand, I heard the word "Florida". I asked to see a detailed bill showing what I'm being billed for and if my credit is being applied. I bought Straight Talk 'hot spot' and could never get refund despite countless calls to Straight Talk. I bought a new phone and wanted to do a simple change. I called Straight Talk and was then told by their representative that it was Apple’s responsibility to fix this issue.

Com number is ** which is no different than any personal or business number. Days later still no tracking on the phone I ordered. Does it have to be unlocked in order to use this sim card for straighttalk? Every Verizon phone I have had through straighttalk has been a CDMA phone (no sim card) apparently this is a new thing of Verizon offering sim cards?

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However, your phone must be 4G LTE capable in order to work. I advised since notes need to contact individual rep that beg the port out request to see if mistake for likely was inside job. I am so dissatisfied I wouldn't recommend this service to no one.

  1. " When I asked if this was punitive: Me: "Now after a chat with [first representative], my service is coincidentally deactivated.
  2. A $45 5GB plan USED to last me all month!
  3. Also when he is driving in rural areas, which he has to do for his job, he has the same coverage he had when we were on Verizon.And then it completely cut off my service.
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    1. AND once you are a Straight Talk customer it's hard to go anywhere else without losing your number according to Best Buy.
    2. After trying for 2 months to be able to pay my phone bill through auto-pay still having no luck and they can't tell me anything.
    3. To make a long story short, I left a message for the Return Department, they didn't call back. Turns out rolling phone number over rolls remaining service over but cancels out any current service. Upon entering the PIN, I get the message “This Service PIN is not compatible with your phone. We have had two problems. When it works, it's nice to see where I'm at on data but over half the time I get "something went wrong" or some other frustrating message.

      Finally after him saying that he would transfer me he puts me on hold for 10 minutes. Finally getting nowhere with her I get to a supervisor after 3 call backs on my behalf to get someone who understood what I was saying. For any assistance, please chat with us at //bit.

      They do not deliver on what is promised, they blatantly lie to their customers, and have horrible customer service representatives. They have no customer service. They made clear that it is time to change companies. They would not refund my money or put time on my phone.

      Also I had AT&T unlimited plan and never used but 8 GB a month.

      I truly this company, the customer service is no good, they could care less. I used to work from home, so I would use my phone and laptop all the time. I was able to get to my email and that's when I saw the email from loss prevention saying if I don't verify that it is me buying the phone within 24 hours they are going to cancel my order.

      I called them back to activate it, and see if there was anything they could do to help me, or anything they could offer me to get me to stay a customer. I can't even get on to speak to customer service which I might add is a waste of time. I don't know where you got your info but every Verizon phone I have had used a sim card. I even offered to pay overnight! I get home and have my 25 year old daughter try to add it to my phone.

      So now I'm in Europe for month or two and I thought I will unlock my phone to be able to use the phone here (Straight Talk you can't use outside USA or no roaming). Something went wrong, mind trying again? Straight Talk August 23, 2017 We are sorry for the inconvenience that you have experienced. Straight Talk is great with the cost but in all other areas it is extremely lacking.

      While my phone was en route, I borrowed my dad's cell phone and had my number forwarded to it, but forgot to ask the guys at Flashedphones to forward on the way back, so for a few days people who called my number got the message that my voice mail wasn't set up, but that was really the only glitch that could have been avoided. You are wrong when you say Verizon does not use sim cards because I have a sim card in the phone I use right now. You have to test the phone with two different SIMs.

      I have used the same kit over multiple phones, which they say you are supposed to buy a new one each time. I haven't done anything different and I even turn my data OFF when not in use! I just bought a ZTE Rapido from Walmart yesterday. I really feel like Straight owes me a month of free service.

      • I typed in my address and was assured I was in a great area, so I turned off my home services, spent the $98.
      • I don't know where you got your info but every Verizon phone I have had used a sim card.

      And then she goes on to say, "Haven't you dropped your phone? Anyhow, she said that my son's payment was accepted, and mine were rejected.

      This comes in handy for our children, (of all ages, lol) and if you happen to have significant other, all phones could be refilled right from this app! This was Wednesday at noon. To access customer support chat, navigate to StraightTalk.

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      I was on the phone 43 minutes and he refused to do any more than read my balance which I can do online myself. I work hard for my money and pay all my bills and rent and whatever I have left over is what I have to save and get what I need. I'm OK with that but it was going to cost me like 65 dollars and I had to contact the Straight Talk main office. I've called about various issues and got a different answer depending on which Rep answered the phone.

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      In my experience they have been lenient on their data cap. It has taken over a month every time I get them to send me the new refurbished phones. It is obvious they are not really trained. It looks like you are not signed in. It's all the same, look it up on www, who owns Straight Talk and you'll find out what other companies they are mixed up in.

      I received a ZTE phone which was the same phone that I had purchased that was $20 it was not my LG phone which cost me 200$. I said I must be in a bad dream. I tearfully said "but I don't want a refund. I then try logging in with Facebook n get an error message saying I have already agreed n gave permission to login with Facebook, then when I click ok in the error message window the error message closes and it goes right back to the login screen.

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