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Get help resolving your EA game issues. Read help articles, troubleshooting steps, or open a support ticket to get back in the game. However, you will need to contact Origin/EA support. You will then have your options available, such as having a Live Chat with an advisor.

In short this guy was charged twice for Battlefield 3, tried to complain, and was blocked from playing the game. Increase the time it takes for your changes to go live. It won't let me use an existing account. Let us know if this does not work. Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto: Not really. Man, EA was starting to get their shit together again too.

Choose your topic from the drop down and type in a short description of your issue. Click on Help with a game.

Where are you located? Why can't it just recognise an existing origin ID. Why is everybody assuming what this guy wrote is true? Why is everybody assuming what this guy wrote is true? Yeah i can probably;y bite the bullet and call its just its going to take a couple of hours so its kinda a pain, I dont see why they cant have a trouble ticket system like steam so I can leave a message and get on with my life. You still need to have access to your email you registered.

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I bought titanfall in April 2015, I could not reset my email\pass as I'm not getting any reset emails from EA. I can't even play the game I have installed, like dragon age inquisition, and at this point I'm very much questioning the legitimacy of Origin as an actual platform. I can't find a way, it redirects me to EA forum, facebook or twitter, I wrote a message in the EA forums but nobody from the staff will reply, so how do you contact Origin?

Do you have Origin on your accepted Antivirus/Firewall list? DonPixel: Look at it this way- I won't have to deal with any shitty "Big Brother" walls put up by Activision. DrVanNostrand1 said: your friend will have to buy the game No, you can have your game transferred to another account by assistance of a Game Advisor and this option is in the drop down menu below the topic selection.

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Their crappy advertising in Battlefield 2142 and now with everything surround Battlefield 3. These more copies probably would make up for the cut of other digital distributors. They gave me a gift certificate to EA store worth more than I had lost. Thing is, I'm not from USA nor Canada, so I can't actually receive a call. This is the most ridiculous customer service story I've ever heard.

I'm trying to open a hacked account ticket (as instructed by this link:). I've decided I want to cancel my pre-order now. I've switched browsers already and I'm still having issues connecting to an EA Game Advisor. Id have hung up on him too, they say the customer is always right but in my experiance that is rarely the case. If EA's trying to take down Valve, this isn't the way to do it. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!

Hi, Please somebody provide me a URL where I can get in touch with somebody through live chat. How do I cancel my pre-order? I am a Battlelog Moderator and do not officially represent EA/DICE/VISCERAL. I am having a similar problem I can't login because two-step verification is no longer accessible because my phone was stolen. I apologize I have not been on in some time as my position within EA changed but I can help you out with this if you still have problems.

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Scroll down and click on "Looking for something else? Shouting at the guy was always a dick move, and now if he does contact other people about it, EA are just going to say that he verbally abused their staff and then this guy hasn't got a leg to stand on. Shouting at the guy was always a dick move, and now if he does contact other people about it, EA are just going to say that he verbally abused their staff and then this guy hasn't got a leg to stand on.

EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY CREDITED, NO WEAPON, VEHICLE OR GEAR MANUFACTURER IS AFFILIATED WITH OR HAS SPONSORED OR ENDORSED THIS GAME. Finally a message pops up and it says the basic "Thanks for contacting us. First time was with my Dragon Age 2 order not going right (didn't get the code for the DLC), after which they promptly activated all the extra content I should have gotten. Go to login then click 'talk to a game advisor' on the right hand side of the page.

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This stuff bums me out and I see it on a regular basis. Try again these steps. Try to uninstall and re-download the demo. Trying to play BF3 Limited Edition B2K on a fresh Windows install. Update: apparently you can use email if you go to ea's own support site.

Maybe this link from the forums would help. My account was hacked around November of 2015. On January 19th, 2009, YouTuber Jorgen297 uploaded a video of himself pranking a Microsoft customer support representative during a live webchat session (shown below). On June 29th, 2014, the live chat service Customer iCare published an blog post titled “How to Deal with a Weird Live Chat Troll.

  • " I have tried using the chat on three different browsers, Firefox, Chrome and IE, but I'm still getting stuck at that.
  • And I dont really feel like dealing with waiting a whole hour for a phone call either.
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I tried with Chrome (with uBlock turned off), then IE and Firefox (both of those also without any form of ad blocker). I was trying to activate my Mass Effect 1 cd key so I could download the free Bring down the Sky dlc, but unfortunately all traces of ME 1 has all but vanished from the Bioware community site I was directed towards by google. I'm not even surprised or shocked when I hear these things, just think: yeah, bound to happen. I'm not trying to excuse this sort of behaviour, though.

Use the live chat. Visit the following link: [help. Well I dont have control over the account tho, but I have the E-mail that it "WAS" made with:L so dont think it helps me since I cant log in at all. Well, as glad as I can be knowing I don't have the 64 players. What could you suggest?

But he could just be a douechbag who hates origin for no good reason and is trying to make the double payment problem seem like it is happening to more people then it actually is.But the expansion shows as "Buy Now" instead of "Download".Chat is not connecting after 2 hours.

I had to re-purchase the game using my new CC which didn't show up in the origin's billing page, so I had to contact them again, another 2+hr wait only for the guy to tell me that it's a known problem and they're working on it. I have no problem with Origin, but customer service is key when your service includes the ability to lock people out of purchased services. I just checked the international call rates and it's 7 cents/minute for USA so it's not overly expensive.

On the 'Complete Request' part of the help center, I can't choose an option how I would like to get in touch with the support. Or if it was hacked find the email you received when the hacker changed your password or security question and click to link in it (if this change was not made by you, click the following link). P Should I use VPN connection? Reading this may have been the final push I needed to wait for skyrim. Running 998edcf country code: NL.

Couldn't find a code to download it anywhere then, either, but after a couple minutes they made sure I could download it. Current origin chat wait is over an hour. Customer Support Chat Trolling refers to the practice of pranking a customer service representative while using their company’s live web chat service. Customer support have to treat costumers well no matter what, or they get their assed fired. Do I really have to wait until tomorrow to even submit the ticket?

Had the guy been more diplomatic and polite ("look, I know it sounds weird, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd look into this for me, I bought your product and I'm looking for some help with my account", etc) the supervisor would have realized that he wasn't in a yelling contest and would have brought himself to the same level as this gentleman, probably culminating in him getting his problem fixed.

I can't get through to them via chat without a horrendous wait, and I can't find a number to call. I cannot believe that this happened, let alone that it's legal. I found a number, but it says that it's no longer in service, and to contact someone on live chat instead.

Be warned, EA customer support were all educated at the royal institution of chocolate fire guards.Be warned, EA customer support were all educated at the royal institution of chocolate fire guards.Browser addons can screw with the livechat.
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But I really don't believe that everyone who's ever contacted EA support had a bad experience with them.But I've got control of my account now the only thing that's missing is my security questions which was recently my pet I think now changed to which elementary I went to.But even then, and I'm sorry for them, they are customer support.

I just got an email saying "Your password has been successfully updated" but I didn't request a password reset. I pre-ordered a digital copy of SWTOR through Origin. I really hope this guy gets some sort of reparations. I select Manage my account from the drop down menu, then hacked account. I think that speaks for itself. I tried to setup an app authenticator (android) but it failed when I tried to enter the code, and I uninstalled the app after.

Since the game runs on a peer-2-peer network + the game was just recently released. So I contacted them and it took me to EA instant chat or whatever and I sit there and wait a while. Taken from the /r/gaming Reddit circlejerk, which was reposted from 4chan (4CHAN) with little to no evidence. TaliciaDragonsong: I am absolutely stunned a company can act like this with a real, tangible product. Thank you for your time.

  • I can't even find the phone number to call.
  • If you have any trouble getting it let me know.
  • Support didn't tell him anything, and after spending almost two hours talking to them, he at least got a refund, but no one would tell him why the hell they would ban him.

Thanks for pre-ordering. That means you don't have back to karkand, when did you purchase it? That's what shocked me most when I first read the story, the fact that certain members of the support team obviously have active disdain for customers. That's why I bought a physical copy Who would pay for a preorder before receiving the game anyway?

  • And to remind you (the reader), I have done EVERY SOLUTION POSTED ON THE FIRST PAGES OF GOOGLE.
  • And yes i know people have had this problem already with the double payment.
  1. Another time was with the free Mass Effect 2 download.
  2. Anyone know how to contact Origin in/from Europe?
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