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The Chat Gem is a gem that appeared between the game and chat windows on Diablo II Battle. But during the Stress Test, most of the speculation revolved about what, if anything, the gem in the chat does in terms of the spawning. The Chat gem in Diablo 2: A lovely blue gem adorns Battle. Net, below center in the window of the Diablo II interface or client.

Games, alternating gem activated/deactivated. Get ready for some MAJOR Diablo 2 history and surprises. However, it is not the Archangel Tyrael. However, when clicked whilst on the page, it will create a random build for your currently selected hero.

It was turn-based but the turns were divided into sections, so not everything was an even amount of turn length We set up the whole game to have this kind of detail of how much time different skills took, stuff like that. It would even be smart to remove any items that you are wearing that contain gems. It's not as fun to just think you got an item totally by chance. It's working correctly and has more than exceeded our expectations.

' There were actually some bugs to fix, and new features they wanted.

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Net, but are still showing the chat room (as in no other people appear and you can't get a list of games to join) you can still click to your heart's content on the gem, and get the occasional "Perfect Gem Activated" message. Net—which originally —and marked the beginning of Blizzard’s long battle with cheaters. No gem shrine, but I did end up with 10 shrines on the overworld map (not counting dungeon's).

Please include your IP address in your email. Results: Every game where I had the chat gem activated, I found a(one) gem somewhere before cleaning out all the monsters in the stress test. Rumors began flying when we first saw the interface. Sadly, apart from the Lord of Destruction expansion pack, Diablo 2 would be Blizzard North’s last game. Since diablo 3 is almost out, i was reminded of that chat gem in diablo 2.

The only way a stranger could get there would be staying in a game for like several hours (and noticing the message). Then type: SOUNDCHAOSDEBUG to hear an uproar of voices and sounds. There used to be IRC channels and shit that would keep track of the number of sojs sold on each IP and stuff, but who knows now. There was really no other thinking beyond that. They really stick with that "chat gem" - thing huh.

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Diablo was originally going to be a turn-based RPG, and still sort of is: As designer David Brevik recounts below, when the decision was made to switch to real-time combat against his will, he begrudgingly did so by making turns happen 20 times per second. For the longest time, all of these gamers out there would be clicking it and speculating on what this gem did. For those who don't know at the bottom of the skill calculator on Diablo 3 own homesite.

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Create your own and start something epic. Diablo 2 - What does the " Chat Gem" do in battle. Diablo content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Blizzard or its licensors.

And is not affiliated with Blizzard. And of course screenshots don't lie. And then we tried to implement server data for some of your multiplayer assets.

Blizzard was competing at a higher level than the rest of the RTS field in the early 2000s, and the new ideas like hero units Warcraft 3 integrated were so effective they quickly found their place in other games and genres. But I’m fairly sure that neither while alter the game to make acquiring any item easier as that would be a cheat. But again, given Bill Roper's comments below, it was clearly all about "wishful thinking. But at the very least we want to make a great game that we enjoy.

Back then you could play single-player, which was local data. Bill is saying it doesn't do anything, but if you are of the conspiracy mindset, you could just assume he's saying that to try and throw us off the track of what the gem really does! Blizzard North was closed in 2005. Blizzard employees consistently avoided saying much on the record about what the gem in chat does, or doesn't do.

I called up Blizzard South and said 'this is a huge delay in the project, it's going to take us a long time, we have to redo all sorts of things, it's going to take me forever to write this, we need another milestone payment out of this but we'll go ahead and do it. I got "Perfect Gem Activated" once, but didn't notice a difference. I haven't had to talk about this stuff in so many years, and when I talk about it today it seems so 'yeah, of course!

' There were two or three of us who held out to the bitter end.

Just kidding, I hate you a bunch right now. LAN play remained vital, but Battle. Little is known (obviously) about what will the chat gem do in Diablo III. Manuever Diablo into a corner so you can swing at him easily and both abilities should let you kill Diablo with ease. Monday's Video is probably gonna be delayed. My mate and I was afk last night and came back to our hc L game which said Diablo walks the earth! My wife programmed it, and I'm never gonna tell you what it is.

The gem that you had in your inventory will be on the ground but it will be increased. The gem toggles between an active and inactive state. The highest level of gem is "perfect", not "flawless", but you see his point. The mod community basically took all that and ran with it. The official Multiplayer FAQ noted that "[the gem] is working correctly and has more than exceeded our expectations".

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Since we were both working on basically the same game, a fighter with all the DC superheroes, we ended up collaborating with them and we got to know them pretty well. So by the time Warcraft 3 really came about, we were ready to attack that thing. So human psychology aside, what does the Gem in the Battle. So if we wanted to test, say, one of the shrines or a certain weapon, we just had to play the game over and over and restart until that random seed came up again, which was very challenging.

The Chat Gem is a gem that appeared between the game and chat windows on. The Chat Gem is an easter egg from Blizzard implemented on the chat screen, the Warcraft III Map Editor and now the main page. The Perfect Gem one feeds the main rumour, that just activating the gem, or especially getting the Perfect Gem Activated, and then creating a game, will cause more gems or Gem Shrines to appear. The gem can also be found on Warcraft III's World Map Editor.

This page has been accessed 90,569 times. This page was last edited on 25 August 2011, at 19:11. This perfect gem can be deactivated in the same way as the normal gem. To run the game in a window on your desktop, enter "-w" at the command line. Trust me it will be worth the wait. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and. Warcraft 3 managed to be Blizzard's biggest, broadest game, and yet execute on everything it set out to do.

We had cut our teeth on a few other game types and universes that allowed us to grow and get our storytelling values in line. We have updated our PRIVACY POLICY and encourage you to read it by clicking. We posted some news about it, and asked for people to test it out and send in their results or thoughts about it. We wanted to give people this sense of, "How do I choose how to play my character?

So people on the server have to sell sojs until he spawns. So there's an invisible armor rack occasionally on certain levels, so you might accidentally click on it, and then it will look like a weapon will fly out of nowhere. So we just worked however long we wanted to in order to make it. So, if you have a shortcut on the deskop you will want to put the code in this way: "C:Program FilesDiablo2Diablo2.

This RTS may now be best remembered for spawning the tower defense genre and allowing MOBAs to flourish with Defense of the Ancients, thanks to its incredible mod scene, but it was a hell of a game in its own right. This is one of the most vivid moments of my career. This is probably one huge set of coincidences, but heck, I figured I'd share my results.

Whether or not it actually did any of these things was uncertain in the beginning, but that was almost beside the point. While that idea was scrapped—Diablo only got one expansion, Hellfire—the game was a critical and commercial success. Wikia is not accessible if you’ve made further modifications. Within a few weeks, over a million players flooded Diablo 2’s wastes and catacombs and online realms with the newly relaunched Battle.

  • " message (see further down this page) in a long time, so it might have been removed around the time D2X began.
  • "Around the time that we started jamming Warcraft 2, I remember feeling very intensely "wouldn't it be fun to blow this thing out, have multiple kingdoms and continents, more races involved, each with their own distinct flavor and history.
  • "For the team, the crunch lasted for about eight months.
  • "I can remember the moment that this happened.
  • "I didn't know it at the time—I know it now, looking back years later—but there was a moment that I realized StarCraft was going to be successful.
' It wasn't that anyone was making me do it, that was just the way I was.
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Were the game developers influenced by something? What are the main differences between Diablo 2 and 3? What ended up happening after the perfect gem was activated? What stories did you hear about it, and do you think any of them are true? What the editor allowed us to do was move the map around, the view of what the player would see, and take snapshots and sort of create cameras out of that. When you boot up again, you'll find yourself in the safety of the town.

Originally meant to be a quick project in the Warcraft 2 engine, StarCraft ended up being a difficult development for Blizzard, delayed well past its intended launch. Our take on this somewhat cryptic comment was that it was all a joke. PC Gamer is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Please email if you believe this is an error.

IGN supports the Digital Advertising Alliance principles. If you create a game with that gem lit up, it WILL drop a gem shrine in the game someplace. If you want to play against tougher enemies, press ENTER, type "players 8" and then press ENTER again.

A yearlong crunch period puts a huge burden on people's relationships and quality of life. A: While we cannot reveal the purpose or function of the Gem in the Diablo II Battle. After that project ended we kind of hit it off and they had a pitch for something they wanted to do. All hearsay, and no Blizzard employee had said anything about this gem other than vague "It is working perfectly" comments like Bill's above. Also, Blizzard employees cannot confirm or deny any rumors regarding this Gem.

But the PC sequel’s fancy new style looks downright ugly 20 years later. Can't find a community you love? Chill - A clinic you say? Could it be that the button was created with the help of extraterrestrial beings?

I think most all of the maps ended with 'destroy all the enemy buildings. I was on the 'it makes sojs easier to get' train after an IRL mate got one after activating the gem. I was one of the original 1000 beta testers. I wonder what perfect gem activated does).

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  • It was just a really important project, something we could be proud of.
  • If you get desynched/disconnected from Battle.
  • All this D2>D3 talk, and this is all I really, really miss.
  • We wanted to do all the in-game cinematics and storytelling within the game, so the editor had to be even more robust.
  • Content is available under unless otherwise noted.

' They agreed to this, so I sat down on a Friday afternoon and in a few hours I had it running. A few of the many emails are quoted below. A lot of the ideas that came from the mod community were things that, when we worked on Frozen Throne, we integrated some of those.

  1. "We had just taken the Warcraft 2 engine and created some new art, almost basically skinned Warcraft 2 for a science fiction theme.
  2. ' And that's when, in hindsight, I realized that I knew it was going to be successful.
  3. ' Going forward with Starcraft, we improved the editor, added more ways for you to win, more things we could do.
  4. NOTE: you have to have beaten the game on the difficulty for it to work! Net Chat room, we can say that it is working correctly and has more than exceeded our expectations. Net chat interface, there is a gem embedded in the middle of the interface. Net there was actually a gem in the user interface and you could click on it and it would change colors and make a tick noise. Net, below center in the window of the Diablo II interface or client.

    That has been my only gem. That's more gems than I found in all the games it took me to get to level 10. The Chat Gem has inspired massive amounts of controversy as to what else it might do, some of the more popular theories being activating the, and more recently bringing the release date of closer.

    No, we had no concept of trying to make money off of it, or trying to target anything, really. Now you can buy health, repair items and go to a more manageable location to gain levels. Now you'll play as if there are 8 players in the game, making the enemies tougher. One day we decided to bring it to a vote and I voted no and everybody else voted yes.

    System requirements: Windows 95, 233MHz Intel Pentium CPU, 64MB RAM for multiplayer, DirectX 6. System requirements: Windows 95, 90MHz Intel Pentium CPU, 16MB RAM, DirectX 2. Thank you for all that you have done for me.

    Was there money involved? We actually had to be able to place those cameras inside the game world. We found we could not play-balance the climactic fight against Diablo without actually playing the entire game up to that point, because we could not predict what kinds of equipment a character might have, or what path through the skill tree he or she may have followed.

    You are right on the message, when you click it a lot (although it is not a specific number) you will eventually get a message that says "perfect gem activated" or something like it. You'd click it and it would say "Chat Gem enabled," and click it again and it would say 'Chat Gem disabled. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest.

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