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I was always tought that when you say goodbye the correct way to say is "It was nice meeting you", but i continually hear "It was nice to meet. I heard someone say "it was nice to meeting you" the other day. I thought it was "it was nice meeting you" (without "to") for a long time, because I. Well, the first thing I must point out is that neither of these sentences are correct without an 'a' in them.

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I like meeting new people, even if I don't want to date them. I say this because I can tell you exactly how exactly how many women I've seen again after having heard this. I think it really depends who you're dating? I try not to go overboard with the physical compliments, but at some point I'll always say, "you look great tonight," or something to that effect.

Oh yes, since this sub isn't full of people getting faded and ghosted on after being told stuff like that. One positive is you find out right then. Opening the iBooks Store. Perhaps follow by the slightly old-fashioned 'Hoe maakt u het? Please include your IP address in your email. So, I wanted to give this song and artists justice and went back and properly rendered it to 16:9 HD because I didn't know how to do that when I first got the editor.

A woman like this could be disgusted to receive an email beginning with the words "nice to e-meet you. After 'Nice to meet you' I would say something like 'Nice to meet you' (with emphasis on 'you'). All my second dates have been after first dates that ended in a hug. All our dictionaries are bidirectional, meaning that you can look up words in both languages at the same time. Although not if you meet the same person several times a day.

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Let's get together and talk about it. Look at, not responsible for anything, it's alllllll about how everyone else sucks! Making out in your car is fun too, women love it when the cops come and make you move. Mine were before even meeting up, so consider yourself lucky for a face to face rejection.

This is Episode 4 of the #NTMY show! This is the very first Episode of the NYTM show. This weekend she's taking me to a jazz club, her treat. This would be my answer too. To meet) express that an action hasn't happened yet - it's unactualized. TripAdvisor LLC is not a booking agent and does not charge any service fees to users of our site.

What I'm really saying is that it was nice to meet them. You are conveying how you feel about the people you met. You are going out of your way not to presume something about our relationship. You are saying the same thing as "nice to meet you" but adding an extra syllable for the sake of clarifying that you are meeting "electronically" -- an unwarranted step because the medium itself clarifies that the introduction is happening electronically.

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ITunes iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection. If iTunes doesn't open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or on your Windows desktop. If someone say this to me, what should I say them back?

I have also read: "Do not use 'have met' unless they were your host and you are writing a thank you note. I have done a lot of dating and had this scenario happen a lot and it never worked out for me. I have had girls kiss me then no second date but I have never had the opposite where my kiss is rejected but they still want another date. I know you’re trying to be polite.

  • If they say thanks and get quiet or change the subject, there's a 95 percent chance I'm dead in the water.
  • I grew up in Yorkshire, and have lived in a fair few different parts of the UK and US, and “it was pleasing to have met you” sounds quite unnatural to me.

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  1. " Although it is a very simple construction, I've become confused after research I've done and because I will probably use it very often in the future, I would like to ask which one is more appropriate for this situation, and is there any difference in terms of meaning they suggest?
  2. " Communicate whatever is necessary and trim the rest.
  3. " It doesn't say anything about whether the actual meeting was a pleasure, although this is implied.
  4. Going from a woman making the first move to them paying for your coffee out of pity is a pretty dramatic downturn. Have a suggestion, idea, or comment? Hi, We were discussing the two specific expressions, using 'nice', that you asked about. Hope you all had a great holiday season and new years! I also hear a lot of "are you ready to go? I am not a native English speaker, but when people say "nice meeting you", it sounds like "I will probably not see you again, but take care.

    And yet, for some, concision is abandoned entirely when emailing someone for the first time. As a formal, introductory greeting (with handshake) a simple 'Goedemorgen / Goededag / Goede(n)avond' (Good morning / Good day / Good evening) will do. At the beginning we don't know people very well so we tend to be more formal (Nice to meet you); after getting to know them we feel friendlier toward them (Nice meeting you). At the end of the day, all that matters is the actual follow through.

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    Date talking into their phone: "Siri, what the best way to fake your own death? Do not post identifying information! Do people just not mean what they say anymore? Dutch people rarely ever use an equivalent of "Nice to meet you" or "Pleased to meet you". E-meet you, they write. Given how much we talk to one another via smartphones, "nice to e-meet you" probably makes less sense than saying "nice to meet you IRL!

    Même si le 3G ne fonctionne pas bien, le wifi fonctionne parfaitement. Nice to meet you, Patricia. Not true, Name withheld.

    I am not happy with 'nice' though. I blame highschool english teachers. I can think of a few examples where I heard this and it wasn't the end though. I did have your scenario play out when I first started dating and didn't try to kiss her but in retrospect she would have let me if I tried. I don't fully agree with you dipizz. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I get a lot of the same thing.

    But a recent survey by The Huffington Post and YouGov found that -- it is okay for you to drop the pretense and slide into the shorter, arguably more casual "nice to meet you. But besides that, it is used in more formal writing? But everyone knows what you're really saying when you do say it. C'est aussi tranquille et joli. Couple weeks ago I went out with a woman, got Korean BBQ.

    A less used version is, "I'm tired, I have to head out.

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    " Which are both versions of "I'm not interested and have spent all the time I care to spend with you."Leuk je te ontmoeten" is another close-ish way to say "Nice to meet you"."U" is the proper way to to address a person you would address as "Sir" or "Madam" in English.

    The subject of 'Nice to meet you' is 'it' but it's usually dropped. There are obviously exceptions that just like to pay for shit. Therefore when somebody tells you "Nice to meet you", you wouldn't definetely say anything which could seem negative in the same way as a reply. Therefore when somebody tells you "Nice to meet you", you wouldn't definetely say anything which could seem negative in the same way as a reply. These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.

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    USE THE EXACT WORDS I WANT TO HEAR. Very old fashioned people would answer back with 'Insgelijks' (Likewise). Want to thank TFD for its existence? We also have a chat, just for us. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. We've combined the most accurate English to Spanish translations, dictionary, verb conjugations, and Spanish to English translators into one very powerful search box. Well then what the hell are people supposed to say?

    Avant tout, des cafetiers étaient gentils et sympas. Blur out the faces of anyone who isn't you. Both of them have the same or comparable meaning. But I could well be wrong. But I held myself in check and only implied that she was a rude slut, I didn't actually say it. But I've been single for like 15 years at this point so I probably need to change my attitude or something.

    That's how the phrase is used in other contexts as well. The closest to "Nice to meet you" would be a singular "Aangenaam" (nice). The follow-up changes the tone of the expression. The meaning is subtly different. The only way it could be more conclusive is to hear a booming voice say, FLAWLESS VICTORY.

    It was nice to meet him. It was nice to meet you. It was pleasure to meet you. It's telling that even the classic America Online voice said "you've got mail" when users signed in all those years ago -- "e-" was unnecessary even in the dial-up days.

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    Sounds petty, but i'm usually right using that as a barometer. Thank goodness I had the good sense to test the waters before committing to being stood up. That was what was so weird the last time it happened. That's a good outlook, although what if the girls wanted a second date till you tried to kiss them?

    (b) Great to meet you, too.

    Your browser (Internet Explorer 6) is no longer supported, though you may still be able to view some of the site.

    I went and met the director and he said, 'Well it's been jolly nice meeting you but I'm sorry not this film - and probably not any film as you have every single thing wrong with your face. I will be busy until 8 but I can come after" then I'm a little more optimistic. I've gone out with women who are pretty empowered. I've had my dinner paid for and then ended up having sex with them. I've looked at calendars the world over - "sometime" isn't on any of them.

    'Me too' would be a suitable response to for example, 'I'm so glad to see you again'.

    If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know. If you're a visitor to this site, please try back a bit later. Is there any phrase you've heard that you've come to realize as being the proverbial writing on the wall after a first meet? It is nice to have met you. It was nice meeting you, Tom. It was nice meeting you, but, I just feel like I REALLY want to go out with you again on Saturday!

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