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Advice Columnist Carolyn Hax took your questions and tackled your problems. Carolyn Hax Live: "Stop reading my chat and work on your paper. Advice columnist Carolyn Hax chats live every Friday at noon to. I was reading through some of your archives and found a letter which I am.

Have a great weekend, and dork to you here next week, unless I forget. He could send you off with zero intention of staying connected long-distance, and even feel liberated himself for a while, then come to recognize there's a void in his life where you used to be. He gets zero encouragement, positive or negative. He is completely different when we discuss the wedding and that planning - no reservations there and wants to do it as soon as possible. He still doesn't understand why I didn't.

I don't have the time or energy to focus on my favorite hobby. I don't know what the next step should be. I feel so guilty all the time, but I don't know how to stop the cycle. I figured that's just the way I am, and if I wanted romance I was going to have to do it in my own way. I have a friend who came out of the closet and moved from a creepy husband (alcohol, crawly hands, very parental, controlling) straight to a live-in girlfriend with a similar personality.

She applied enough pressure to force you either to make up flimsy excuses or admit something you’d rather have left unsaid. She started to text him also, and often made jokes that he should date both of us. Since I don't have a wonderful relationship with my own mother, those are kind of painful for me. Since I'm feeling French phrasey today. Some people would be happy to place a 1. Sounds to me like he is looking for a way out.

Most people manage okay, but some don't. My friend and are such dorks that we can't land a high five. My mom has been dead about 4 years. Never having been in a place to make this decision, I don't know what to say. No amount of time or sticking it out ultimately caused my situation to improve-- the superior never improved, management was never willing to risk its relationship with the superior for me, etc. No one owes anyone a fig leaf in that situation.

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Not liking her much anymore” is game over because a friendship without fondness is a lake without water. Not sure about 15 more--I'm going to play that by ear, like I did the first 15. Now I suggest only that you try to see it from their perspective and grant them the time they need.

  • I try to be mindful of the lessons I'm passing on to my kids.
  • Get to know them, ideally by inviting them over, and - ask questions- --and not in a passive-but-loaded way of getting your message across, but in the spirit of genuine inquiry about how they and the prior occupants handled the shared yard and porch.
  • Unless you're on a conference call like I was today and you THOUGHT you had put your phone on mute before you proceeded to cough, clear throat and spit into a napkin.
(I went to a majority black school.(We asked later, and the first interviewer said it had been just a small smudge during her session, but when she came to escort her out after the third interview, she was so shocked by the sight that she actually gasped in surprise.About the only time I do is when I'm served something I don't eat (e.

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Right now I think it means that I should make her lunch and bring it over because she is too elderly to make us all lunch but too embarrassed, as a traditional homemaker, to allow me to bring over lunch without protesting that she doesn't want me to. She also told me when I first started seeing him that I should tell her what he’s like in bed because she has always wondered.

  1. " It was something I was willing to try, but my spouse was not (figured it would just be a path to divorce).
  2. " On the other hand, the fact that she has let you in on her views means she's aware of the possibility that she's falling back into her old pattern, and really doesn't need to hear from her friend/dating nanny.
  3. I would like to remain friends if he moves but I don't know that I see a future if he doesn't even seem to care about contacting me. I'm getting married in a year to a wonderful man. I'm glad for the chance to tell you, though, what Y/your gift meant to me. I've been dating the absolute greatest guy, "Steve," for over a year.

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    Will you give me that time? Yes, it's their decision and so your place is just to accept it. You are not at fault for this. You do what you need to do. You explain things to your kids just like you're going to have to explain a lot of difficult, hard, and/or complicated things to them. You'll find out things that will be more or less important in the house that you eventually buy.

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    I haven't met her yet as an adult (we live several states away), but I'm not looking forward to the inevitable get-together on some visit. I just don't know how it would work. I scrounged a bit to find a column I wrote on this in April 2011, where parents of a toddler went away for two weeks, the caregiver got exhausted and passed the child to two different substitutes--one of them the ex of a relative. I still don’t feel at home at your place — there’s zero imprint from me.

    Do you see any possible answers here? Email her that you are bringing lunch and then list some options plainly, with each being a reasonable guess on your part what *she* wants to eat (e. Fist bump to dorkitude indeed!

    And even if it goes just as you predict, you're no worse for -not- having the conversation beforehand. And, you're not going to get there by throwing out suggestions without understanding the situation fully. Because yes - she says crap about everyone. Big emotions are physically exhausting--it's easy to forget that when you haven't had them in a while. Carolyn Hax: Great point, thanks. Check out Carolyn's discussion group. Com/Look/2016/06/17/Carolyn-Hax-June-17.

    For Pull the Trigger: Speaking as someone from the nonprofit world who also has had to deal with hectic work travel, I can't say that my ideal mate is someone who whimpers that they scare easy. For yourself and for your children -- please get help. From my perspective, the advantages are many: The kid stays quiet in room for longer, Little Brother gets more sleep (otherwise, the four-year-old tends to wake him up), and I get a calmer start to my day.

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    I think the LW might want to look long and hard at her expectations for future events that are totally out of her control. I was tearing *my* hair out by the end of this and she isn't even my mom. I wish I could turn off the love I have for him and my emotions.

    In other words, don't just there-there him to try to soothe him; put real research into your decision. Indecision is not a good start to a life together, so make the decision for him and leave. Is it ever okay for parents to just take a break? Is it just that your expectations of togetherness are different, or is it that he's excluding you regularly enough for it to seem like he's not fully sharing life with you?

    This is most certainly not a man vs. This man is a gentleman, good person, makes me laugh, and someone that I want to be better for. Visit us and sign in to update your profile, receive the latest news and keep up to date with mobile alerts. While I know those facts play little role in our relationship, several of his friends, and even members of his family have made "trophy wife" comments about me.

    The two combined, along with some other questions along these lines, make a case for down time as an endangered species. The way we dealt with it was to create an emergency fund that would cover several months of household expenses (including mortgage) should one or both of us lose our jobs. This is a different situation, though.

    If he ever has a child, will the child come first? If it's not a personal thank you, but instead a business one, well, maybe a Nut will pitch in because I've taken enough time on this and it's almost bye time. If not, I will have to send in some Passover stories for the Holiday Hootenany. If you find yourself needing support you can't get from any of your friends, please do tap into the cancer support-group opportunities in your area.

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    Now, I know how bad this makes me look bc I am the woman who checked her email and I shouldn't have, but I did. Obviously leaving for another person was wrong, but. On the other hand, my husband is implicitly invited to everything I do with my friends, but often declines invitations--that hurts my feelings, too.

    Start by taking responsibility: “I should have recognized how important this was to me before we got back together. That's a seed for fast-growing resentment. The column has since gone daily and into syndication, where it appears in over 200 newspapers. The family has been pretty active in the grieving process, so that’s not a concern. The parnter who goes along to everything, even if s/he's the lone, thoroughly unwelcome spouse at what was understood by all to be a girls'/boys' night out.

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    "Cheating, depression, trust issues, and therapy just sounds like way too much for a dating couple to overcome.(HIGHLY recommended for EVERYONE).

    All they have is flailing and crying, at least in the beginning.

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    Is there anything that can be done about it? It could be taken by some as a very polite eye-roll, to which they then take offense, but it doesn't sound as if these friends are particularly close, so, go for it. It worked for you when your children were young, but not everyone is so fortunate.

    1. " But then a few months later she tells the story again.
    2. " His horrified reaction made it hugely apparent that was the most effective approach possible.
    3. Her out-there behavior explains a lot of it, but it would also just as logically explain a "whatever" type reaction (which I'll get to in a second). Hi Carolyn, I'm one of four siblings, and my sisters and brother have 1-3 children each. How about urging the sibs to agree to sucking it up for one holiday, and, with that agreement in hand, asking Dad to pick one? I could argue it's not anyone's business.

      After several of my friends got married and started families, I forced my own major life change and moved from a small sleepy beach community to DC.
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